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Energy Technologies

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Green Car Industry Hybrid vehicles, Electric & Hydrogen cars, LPG, LPI
Photovoltaic &
Solar Energy
Solar cell, Module, Solar Street lamps, Dye-sensitized solar cells, Solar heating system and related products & technologies

Wind Power

Wind power generation system, Offshore wind power generation
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Hydrogen infrastructure for production, storing, transportation and charging, Fuel cell for power generation, Fuel cell for transportation, Portable fuel cell
Small hydro &
Geothermal energy
Small hydro generation technology & system, Geothermal heating and cooling systems
Marine Tidal power generation, Marine current power, Wave power generation, Ocean thermal energy conversion
Gasification and Bio Coal liquefaction, Coal & Vacuum residue gasification technology, Biomass,Bio diesel,
Bio Gas

Environmental Technologies

그린에너지 분야 품목 리스트
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Water Sewage & Waste water treatment, Membranes, River Purification, Refined water treatment, Livestock wastewater treatment, Microorganism, Water quality equipment, Design & Construction, Pump & Valve
Air Harmful gas treatment, Flue-gas desulfurization(FGD), Denitrification treatment, TMS,
Air monitoring equipment, products improving indoor air quality
Waste Food waste treatment, Waste disposal, Waste gas treatment and recycling system,
Related equipment
Measurement & Analysis Devices Measurement & Analysis of water quality/emissions, Measurement of Noise/Vibration, Weather observation, Analysis of toxic substances
Eco-friendly products Green constructions, Green electronics, products related to indoor air quality, Ecolabels, Appliances
Ecological Restoration in Watersides Rivers/Lakes purification, Ecological restoration, Soil restoration
Seawater Desalination Seawater desalination plant & system
Chemicals Environmental chemicals, Water treatment chemicals, Petrochemistry, Fine chemistry, Biochemistry, Car chemistry, Construction chemistry, Paper chemistry, Nanochemistry, Electronic chemistry, Chemical additives
Government Policies
& Projects
Government-affiliated organization PR booth, Climate change measures PR booth,
Local government performance PR booth, Water environment PR booth, New growth engine technology development booth

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