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Brief Information of More Events with 2018

1. Seminars & Forums
  • Schedules can be changed dependent on plans by host institutes and organizers.
  • Specific plans (presentation topics) of each seminar will be posted as soon as the topic is decided by the organizer.
Event Date Time Venue Organizers
Technology Seminar by Participating Companies for ENVEX2018 참가기업 및 세부일정
추후 안내
Seminar Room C, Hall C Participating Companies
The 11th Korea-China-Japan Environmental Industry & Technology Forum & Business Meeting 30.05 Wed 13:00~16:00 COEX #327 KEPA,
China Yixing Industrial For Environmental Science & Technology Administrative Committee
The 23rd Seminar of Environmental Policy and High Technology Session 1.
Environmental Safety and Climate Change
13:30~17:00 Seminar Room C, Hall C KEEF
(Korea Environmental Engineers Association),
Monthly Environmental Engineer
Session 2.
Water Environment
13:30~17:00 Seminal Room B, Hall B
Session 3. Resources Recirculation and Energy 31.05 Thur 13:30~17:00 Seminal Room B, Hall A
The 12th Water Resources and
Environment Technology Forum
10:30~12:10 Seminal Room B, Hall B KERIC
(Korea Environment Research & Information Center)
Environmental Industry & Policy in 2018 14:00~17:00 Seminal Room B, Hall B KEPA
(Sponsor, Ministry of Environment)
Plans For Promoting Foodwaste Recycling 14:00~17:00 COEX #328 Korea Foodwaste Recycle Association, National Assembly Environmental Forum
Seminar on achievements of business supports for the export of outstanding environmental companies 14:00~16:00 COEX #402 KEIA
(Korea Environmental Industry Association)
The 4th Membrane System Design
and O&MTechnologySeminar
13:00~18:00 COEX
(3rd floor)
Hall E1, 2
Membrane&Plant Branch of Korean Society for Fluid Machinery
2018 Global Top Performance
Presentation for Environmental
Technology Development Project
13:30~17:30 COEX
(3rd floor)
Hall E4
(Korea Environmental Industry Technology Institute)
2. Aisa Environment Forum 2018 * Simultaneous Interpretation Provided (Korean-English)
Date / Venue May 31 (Thur), 2018 / COEX Intercontinental(Hall Diamond, B1)
Hosts /
Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA), Ministry of Environment(MoE) /
Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute(KEITI)
Contents Inviting environment-related policy makers and representatives in Asia, and hosting One on One business meetings and forums on environmental issues with domestic companies.
3. The 11th Korea-China Environmental Industry Conversazione
* Consecutive Interpretation Provided (Korean-Chinese)
Date / Venue May 30 (Wed), 13:00~16:30 / COEX #327
Hosts /
Korea Environmental Preservation Association (KEPA), China Yixing Industrial For Environmental Science & Technology Administrative Committee
Contents China’s Environment Policy
Korea’s Environment Technology Introduction
Discussion Technical Cooperation between two countries
4. Business meeting between Power Company and Korea Environment Company
Date / Venue June 1 (Fri) / Buiness Meeting Zone, Hall C
Hosts /
Korea East-West Power Cop.
Korea Environmental Preservation Association
Contents Business meeting between power companies and Korea Environment Companies
5. Center for Environmental Law
Date / Venue May 30(Wed) ~ June 1(Fri), 2018 / COEX Hall C
Hosts /
Intellectual Property Right, Patent, Legal Counselling
Contents Reception Onsite, Lawyer Huh, Bumhang (Consulting Lawyer of Korea Environmental Preservation Association)

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